HR Management System

HR Management System

Project Description

Discover the No.1 HR management system for SMEs

ISLAND PEAK CLOUD HR Management system is the leading provider of tools powering the strategic evolution of HR in small to medium-sized businesses. Using our HR management software, HR professionals can automate HR tasks like onboarding, PTO, and employee records (among many others), and perform big-picture activities that improve their workplace and make them be vital leaders in their organizations.
HR Management System
Product Introduction All your core HR needs in one place (STAFF) 

  • Centralized employee data
  • Employee Self-service
  • Company directory
  • Employee profiles
  • Track salary changes

Tracking time has never been easier (TIME-SHEET) 

  • Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, timesheets
  • Simple, advanced or detailed timesheets
  • Track hours spent on customers, projects tasks
  • Overtime rules and automated reminders
Grants CDG (Increase Productivity) Up to 70%; PIC 60% before August 2016, 40% after
Maintenance 3 months warranty(Maintenance and support)
After 3 month, maintenance and support charge by hour
Remark Product can be customized according to clients’ needs. Cost will change accordingly