BJR Wallet

We provide safe and secure storage for you when managing crypto-assets, all in one place. You can now take full control through your own devices at your own convenience !

  • Centralized and Decentralized Wallet
  • Multi-Layer Security

What’s in store

User Autonomy

No Intermediaries

Sustainable IT Infrastructure

Enhanced Security

Easy to manage assets

Our Features

Centralized and Decentralized Wallet

Choose between centralized or decentralized wallet with private keys being safeguarded or complete control over one own private key with access to Dapps.

Over-the-counter Trading Facility

Enables direct trading of assets between two different users. The transactions are highly secured with low latency established on a robust and safe platform.

Multi-Layer Security

Highly secured designed infrastructure for sending, receiving, and storing multiple crypto assets simultaneously.

White Label

Enhanced privacy in the non-custodial wallet whereby user’s private keys of the users are converted to confidential 24-word mnemonic phrases.

Multi-Currency Support

Users can send and receive various digital tokens such as BTC, ETH, BCH, BSV, LTC, XRP, ERC20 tokens etc, in BJR wallet through keying in of address or scanning of QR code. The Txid can be checked to trace transactions on blockchain.

Easy Portfolio Management

Users can keep complete control of their transactions and view their transaction history instantly

KYC Verification

Ensures all clients onboard fits the prevailing regulations aligned with FATF and local regulators requirements through a geographical-based KYC verification leveraging on a legal accepted and authenticated user based.

Referral System

The brokerage system is established through user invitations to effectively solve the problem of insufficient traffic in the initial stage of business operation for merchants and facilitate subsequent refined operations through user behavior.

Web3 Browser

Users can access to all Daps directly from BJR wallet with the Web3 Browser function integrated into wallet.

User-Friendly Interface

Both amateurs and professional traders will find ease of use from a UIUX design focused on good user experience